Xellerate Nutrion Testosterone Booster For Men

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

Xellerate Nutrion Testosterone Booster For Men

Popular On Amazon, But Does It Live Up To Its Claims?

Another testosterone booster found on Amazon is Xellerate Nutrion Testosterone Booster For Men… A UK made supplement it promises to help guys of all ages by helping to maintain normal testosterone levels, reducing fatigue, promoting energy and metabolism…

The makers claim that this is indeed a very effective product and intrigued, we have taken a good look at the product to determine if it really is as good as they claim…

The Formula In Xellerate Nutrion Testosterone Booster 

The makers fully disclose the ingredients and the amounts thereof…. a refreshing change from all too many makers who his their formulas behind unspecified proprietary blends.

Each dose contains:

  • Vitamin A 500ug
  • Vitamin D 4ug
  • Vitamin K 50ug
  • Vitamin B6 4mg
  • Folic Acid 200g
  • Vitamin B12 2ug
  • Patothenic Acid 12.5mg
  • Magnesium 190mg
  • Zinc 12.5mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 820mg
  • Maca Root 2000mg
  • Fennel Seed 155mg
  • CoQ10 20mg

How To Take Xellerate Nutrion Testosterone Booster 

The suggested dose is 2 capsules either once or twice per day – always take with food and water

Any Reported Side Effects

Aside from one report of stomach pains, there are no reports of anything nasty associated with this product

Users Feedback

On Amazon, it appears that the majority of positive reviews are the ‘paid for type’ where people have been given the product for free in return for a positive review.. now naturally the validity and accuracy of these reviews is questionable…

now when you look at feedback from more independent ‘verified purchasers’ there is a different story with many users reporting poor or no results…..This raises the opinion that perhaps we cannot trust this product….

see examples below

Where To Buy Xellerate Nutrion Testosterone Booster 

Amazon is the main stockist of this product… you can buy a bottle contain 180 capsules for £18.97 plus free shipping if you belong to amazon prime

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

There is no indication or mention of any cash back guarantees

Our Thoughts

At first glance there are indeed some good and well known t boosting ingredients in the mix…. our issue is that the amounts of some of the key components (Vit D, DAA) are quite or even very low….too low in our opinion to have any effect

The largest ingredient in each dose is Maca… It (it has to be said) has been proven to boost libido and sexual response, but tests and trials on maca have actually failed to find any actual testosterone boosting properties, so we do question why its included in the mix….

The other thing is the makers claim that you are getting a 90 day supply….. yet the dosing instructions tell you to take up to 4 a day…. 180 capsules at 4 per day works out at 45 days supply….its simple maths!

To sum up – If you have problems in the bedroom department, then Xellerate Nutrion Testosterone Booster could offer some benefits, but if its pure muscle building power you are looking for, then it’s not right for you…

Look for something with more power and a better thought out formula…. something like Testofuel will provide you with much better results – and its guaranteed too!

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