Testosterone And Its Effects

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2014)

The Importance Of Testosterone

Do you think you could have bigger muscles, stronger physique and better health?

Working out in the gym and weight lifting might be one solution, but it is not all there is.testosterone-effects Maybe you have noticed that some men who work out just as much as others have a lot more strength and better muscle gains.

There are also men who spend time in the gym regularly but don’t see any real results. Seems like their limit has been reached and there is no more progress no matter how much they try.

This is probably caused by the levels of testosterone in their body. Low testosterone levels have a negative impact on muscle growth, sex drive and strength.

Testosterone is a word that everyone knows. Most of the time it makes us think about masculine and muscular gladiator-like men. However, all men can benefit from high testosterone levels.

How Does Testosterone Work

This sex hormone is largely a male hormone, but even women have it in some small amount. Most, if not all, male characteristics come from testosterone.

It is what leads boys into puberty and on to adulthood. It regulates hair growth, muscle strength and the development and functionality of male sexual organs. Manly body shape and frame also depend on testosterone.

This hormone even influences the personality of men and makes them different from women.

Men with low testosterone levels are less driven, may be overweight and often have decreased sex drive.

The Cycle Of Testosterone

lean-muscle-bodyTestosterone levels start gradually increasing in a boy’s childhood when they are usually more aggressive than girls of their age. Still, at this point, the levels of the hormone only increase slowly.

Once puberty arrives, male hormone levels start raising faster as the boys start to mature. The peak in testosterone productions arrives when men reach their 20’s.

As they age and go through their 30’s and 40’s, the level of testosterone starts decreasing. Many men do not notice it right away, however, for some it may cause problems.

When the first simple changes often go unnoticed by men, they take it more seriously once their weight goes up and their sex drive reduces. Low level of testosterone also affects the overall health, muscle size, strength, moods and even sleep patterns.

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