Pink Magic Review

Pink Magic Testosterone Booster Review 

One product that you may have come across before as you seek out a testosterone booster to help you see faster results from your workout program is Pink Magic. 

Pink Magic, designed by UPS Labs, was created to help increase the level of lean muscle mass you are able to build while also enhancing your overall appearance at the same time.

Pink Magic is a very simple ingredient consisting of only herbal ingredients, so those who USP-Pink-Magicare all about taking a natural approach found this product highly appealing.

But, there are some important facts to know first before you consider it much further.

The Claims 

The main claims that the product makes are that using it will help you achieve hard and defined muscles through increased vascularity while you also develop a tighter and denser physique.

The product helps to give you better pumps during a workout session as you draw more blood into the muscle cells, increasing the fullness experienced – and increasing overall muscle density.

Along with that, as the density increases, so does the appearance of muscular striations, therefore making you look larger overall.

The Ingredient Line-Up 

When you purchase Pink Magic, you are going to get a blend of ingredients including Massularia Acuminate, Nelumbo Nucifera, as well as Rhamnus Nakaharai, all of which are herbs that provide (we are told) testosterone enhancing benefits.

The Problems 

pink-magic-labelThe problem with Pink Magic is that while it may do a good job at enhancing how your muscles look while you are working out due to the increased vascularity, it’s not going to work all that well to actually increase your overall testosterone level.

And since it’s that increase that you are really looking for as you hope to build up more lean muscle mass than you’ve ever had before, that needs to be the primary focus.

And that focus is lost with this product……

When we look at the ingredient line-up, it’s so simple and doesn’t contain key ingredients that have been proven time and time again to help elevate the testosterone levels in the body such as tribulus, horny goats weed, vitamin B6, magnesium, along with zinc.. the list goes on..

Without these and possible others, your results are very likely to fall short.

Our Verdict 

So all in all, while this product may be a good one to consider if you simply want to increase your overall appearance for a short period of time, it’s not really going to provide the longer term muscle building results that you are looking for.

So using it and expecting to see miraculous gains in size is just going to leave you feeling frustrated with the progress that you’ve seen.

All in all, you’re better off looking for a product that contains more ingredients and the research behind those ingredients to really back up the products claims for testosterone enhancement.

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