Pure Testo Review

Introducing Pure Testo

MuscleFood’s Latest Testosterone Booster 

 MuscleFood are a well known reputable body building and protein food specialist.. based in 9256-supplement-pure-testo-300x300the UK, they have recently launched a new natural testosterone supplement to add to their already impressive product line. And we have to say….what a great product it is!

Other products from this company are already quite popular, this one is a nice addition to their protein rich foods, dairy products and special ready meals. Now they truly are the place to go for any of your body building needs.

Ingredient List

We are quite impressed by the ingredients and the fact that the formula is completely disclosed, including amounts of each nutrient.

Most supplement makers today have chosen the easy way out and choose ( for whatever reason) to hide their formula behind that all too common phrase “proprietary blend” instead of disclosing the whole formula.

The ingredients are the following:

 Pure_Testo™_Testosterone_BoosterUsing Pure Testo

Take 5 capsules daily evenly spaced through the day, for example every 3 hours.

There is no need to cycle Pure Testo, it can be taken for as long as required

User Reviews

Even though Pure Testo was only recently released, it has already received a good number of positive customer reviews where people are happy with the muscle mass, energy and strength increases this product provides.

And it gets even better… as there are zero side effects.

Where To Purchase Pure Testo

Pure Testo is sold from MuscleFood.com. The price for a full 30 days supply is £37.99, but discounts are also usually available.

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Our Conclusion

We have always loved MuscleFood products… their range includes their protein rich meats, dairy products, snacks and ready made meals.

Good quality products from a reputable UK based company.

We had no hesitation in including Pure Testo in our top three testosterone boosters list. these three products all offer users a powerful, fully disclosed formula, proven results and in the case of our top 2 products, a cash back guarantee…

Pure Testo comes in our list at #3, manufacturers take note…. we feel it could be rated even higher if a money back guarantee was included.

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