Testosterone Boosting Foods

Foods That Are Good For Testosterone Production

Poor Diet = Excess Weight = Less Testosterone

A couple of studies that were recently carried out in Europe looked at the link between diet and testosterone levels.

From the results we can see that the food we eat does have a big effect on testosterone levels. There is a direct link between cholesterol levels, body fat, blood testosterone-deficiency-300x204pressure and the amount of testosterone in your system.

When the levels of testosterone deplete, we will notice definite changes with our body.. reduced strength and muscle tone, extra body fat and often a reduction in our sex drive

Bodybuilders and athletes are often the first to notice these effects, they find that their strength begins to decrease, their muscles lose shape and tone and it takes  longer to recover from each workout session. The more weight they put on, the less muscle definition they seem to have.

The good news is that with the right diet, it’s possible to boost the levels of testosterone. Once this happens, your muscles will start regaining their strength and tone, even your sex drive will go up.

Best Testosterone Boosting Foods

Pulses, Beans – since these foods are high in zinc, protein and fiber, they are very beneficial in energizing you, burning fat and increasing the levels of natural testosterone.

tGarlic – as there is a lot of allicin in garlic, it works by reducing cortisol levels which counteract testosterone production.

Fish, Meats – it is known to all that meat contains plenty of proteins and other excellent nutrients that the body needs to boost its testosterone production. It doesn’t matter if you choose Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Duck or Lamb, they are all full of great nutrients. Beef additionally contains high amounts of zinc, which is a good natural testosterone booster.

Salmon, herrings, mackerel and other oily fish also have a positive impact on the body’s ability to produce testosterone. Lasts but not least, oysters contain ten times the zinc you can find in lean beef – making them crucial for positive testosterone production as well.

Eggs, Dairy – most dairy foods work against testosterone production as they generally increase oestrogen levels ( which counteracts testosterone production), however, cottage cheese and egg whites still work great. While egg yolks tend to increase levels of bad cholesterol, egg whites on their own are perfect for any bodybuilder thanks to being so high on protein. To save you the bother of separating egg yolks from the whites, you can buy pre packed liquid egg whites from online muscle food specialists

Diet Supplements For Natural Testosterone Production 

Testosterone levels can not only be increased by only eating the correct foods and doing imagesthe correct exercises, you can also speed the process up by taking natural testosterone boosting products together with your healthy diet.

These supplements are developed to give your testosterone production a powerful boost by providing your body with all the nutrients required to naturally increase your own testosterone production without having to risk taking potentially risky ( and often illegal) steroid based products.

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