LA Muscle Testorone 250 Review

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2017)

LA Muscle Testorone 250 Review

Available From Amazon… How Good Is LA Muscle’s Testorone 250

LA Muscle are an established bodybuilding supplement manufacturer who are popular on Amazon, they make a naturally formulated testosterone booster called Testorone 250 which its users that it will help provide increases in testosterone production, helping to boost muscle mass, definition, strength and energy levels..

The makers claim that this will take your workouts and results to another level….

Whats In The Formula

The products contains just the one ingredient – Tribulus Terrestris at 250mg per serving

How To Take LA Muscle Testorone 250

The daily serving is 1-2 capsules each day – on workout days take 15 minutes before training with a large glass of water

Users Feedback

A real mixed bag to be honest… Amazon has around 55 reviews… many are positive but reading between the lines, we have discovered that a lot of these people have been given the product for free in return for a review…. you simply cannot trust the validity of these ‘paid for’ reviews especially when you look at the negative ones…. these users talk about poor or no results…

sample reviews courtesy of amazon

Reported Side Effects

There have been no adverse reports of any side effects  being associated with this product

Where To Buy LA Muscle Testorone 250

Amazon is the main seller in the UK… A bottle containing 30 capsules (a months supply at standard dose) is currently listed at £49.99

Any Cash Back Guarantees?

There are no guarantees provided by the manufacturer

Our Thoughts

The makers talk about taking your workouts to another level… what they don’t tell you is that it quite possibly reduces them to a lower level……

it is a clinical fact that Tribulus Terrestris DOES NOT BOOST TESTOSTERONE.. it has failed in every single scientific clinical trial to provide even a hint of increase in testosterone production…

What it can do however in some users is help to boost a flagging libido so it’s not all bad…

If you want to build muscle – forget this one, it doesn’t work – Period…. if you have problems in the bedroom department then it might offer you some benefits..

We strongly suggest that you look elsewhere

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