Kong Testosterone Booster Review

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

Kong Testosterone Booster Review

Said To Be The Strongest, Legal Testosterone Booster In The UK – But Does It Really Work?


Kong Testosterone Booster is made by Matrix Nutrition and the makers claim it is the Strongest Legal T Booster in the UK..

With such a strong claim, we had to look further into this product to see just how powerful it really is:

The Formula

Ingredient profile makes or breaks any product, using the right amounts of the right ingredients should give you an effective supplement..  If this is not the case then you are left with a weak product leaving you with nothing but a lighter wallet.

Kong is made up of 4 proprietary blends:

Total Testosterone Amplification

Totalling 650mg – contains undisclosed amounts of Mucuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek

Biovailable Testosterone Enhancement

Totalling 255mg – contains undisclosed amounts Boron, Tongkat Ali, Utrica Dioica and Divanil

Estrogen Inhibition

Totalling 300mg – containing undisclosed amounts of Vitamin D3, Resveratol and Hesperidin

Anti Cortisol Matrix

Totalling 300mg – containing unknown quantities of rhodiola, Ashwangandha and Reishi Mushroom

Kong1_Testosterone_Booster®___Strongest_legal_test_booster_available_in_the_UK_todayHow To Take

2 capsules each morning and another 2 prior to working out

Take for 25 days then take a rest period of 7 days before resuming

Consumer Feedback

The Official site has only 1 review – positive feedback – you would expect that of course..  Independent reviews give a better overview of any product – as an example supplementcentre.co.uk has a varied mix of good and bad. With some users happy with the results, others feeling they have wasted their money.

sample reviews courtesy of supplement centre


Where To Buy Kong Testosterone Booster

Kong can at present only be purchased through 2 sources . . The official Matrix Nutrition website and Supplement Centre..

You will pay £29.99 for a 25 day supply


They do offer a return policy but it only applies when goods are returned unopened within 14 days from date of purchase..  There is no mention of cash back guarantees for users who are unhappy with the results..

Our Verdict

The makers have given this a pretty powerful endorsement of its powerful results..  The ingredients tell a very different story..  the formula just doesn’t cut it.  There are some ingredients in the blend that have known T boosting qualities, but they lack any real quality or quantity…

The ingredient mix is a puzzle..  There is Vitamin D3 in the anti-estrogen blend and Utrica Dioca (nettle) in the Testosterone enhancement blend..  They should be round the other way – Nettle is a proven anti estrogenic (if taken in the correct dosage) where as Vitamin D is one of the few medically proven T boosting ingredients in the mix..  You could say well what difference does it make, you are taking the ingredients  together..

What is worrying is that the makers seem clueless as to what does what in their ingredient profile..  Not going to encourage confidence in potential users.

Rhodiola is known to contain minimal estrogenic qualities, may reduce tiredness, no evidence that it can actually boost testosterone though.

Ashwagandha has had very little testing on humans..  so far it has shown to produce a slight boost in testosterone production.  On a more serious note there have been reports that it can cause burning, itching and redness, not to mention discolouration of the penis head.

Tribulus Terrestris is one ingredient used in around 80 per cent of all T boosters, disappointingly has not shown in any medical trials to produce any real improvement in testosterone levels.

All in all Kong does not have what it takes to improve Testosterone – The formula just does not live up to the hype..

It could give a boost to your libido – Mucuna Pruriens and Tongkat can benefit a low sex drive, if this is your main concern this supplement could be of some benefit.


For an effective T boosting supplement you should be looking elsewhere..  for a good product with the right ingredients and good value for your money, why not check out our top rated T boosters page..  We take into consideration the following:

Ingredient List, User Feedback, Guarantees (if any) Full disclosure of ingredient amounts, customer service and last but not least value for money…

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