Does Alpha Wolf Force X7 Really Work?

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2019)

Alpha Wolf Force X7 Review [updated 2020]: How Good Is This Natural T-Booster

If you are looking for a reliable, safe and effective all natural testosterone booster, one product that you might have heard about is Alpha Wolf Force X7.

force x7 reviews

Made in the US by Utah based Alpha Wolf Nutrition, its punch line is quite simple and attention grabbing:

“Longer, Harder, Faster”

These are the first three words that catch your eye, the makers tell us straight away what the product is designed to do. 

It can help by:

  • Boosting Natural Testosterone Production
  • Reducing Estrogen And Cortisol
  • Increasing Strength
  • Maximising Muscle Mass
  • Reducing Body fat
  • Promoting Improved Moods and Mental Sharpness
  • Enhancing Libido And Performance.

The product is marketed as an all encompassing product, not only will it help younger gym going guys who are working on building muscle and strength, it is also suitable for the slightly older guy who is experiencing the effects of reduced testosterone:

  • Reduced Energy, Strength and Muscle Tone
  • Loss Of Libido
  • Increased Belly Fat.

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The Story Behind Alpha Wolf Force X7 

robert clark force x7 reviews

This product is actually the result of one mans desire for excellence and results. 

Robert Clark, a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and nutritional researcher reached the age of 40, and at that time realised that he was losing some of his muscle mass and strength that he had earned over the past 30 years of regular fitness training.

Recognising that he was experiencing the early symptoms of age related low testosterone he set out to boost his testosterone levels by using a natural T-booster. 

He was aware of all the pitfalls of using drug based TRT and anabolic steroids were a complete no no due to the recognised and well publicised side effects.

After trying out several popular products and seeing only minimal results, out of sheer frustration and desperate to remedy his own problems, he decided to carry out some hardcore research and over the next 6 months, he read countless studies, tried out various ingredients and mixtures and finally put together what is now the formula in Alpha Wolf Force X7 .

We have say the resulting product is very well thought out, the official website is eye catching without being too ‘salesly’ and provides you with all the information that you should ever need.

Discover What WBC Champion Boxer Jimmy Williams Has To Say About Force X7

Whats In Alpha Wolf Force X7

The formula developed by Robert is first class, each and every ingredient is fully detailed and you know exactly how much of each component is in each every serving.

Each 3 capsule serving contains:

  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 2.5mg
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 30mg
  • Vitamin B12 (cobalamine) 0.25mg
  • Ashwagandha (KSM-66) 500mg
  • Panax Ginseng 200mg
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholcalciferol) 25mcg (1000iu)
  • Zinc Citrate 15mg
  • Maca Root 250mg
  • Magnesium Citrate 45mg
  • Shilajit 200mg
  • Longjack 100mg
  • Boron Citrate 10mg
  • Bioperine 5mg

How To Take Alpha Wolf Force X7

The suggested daily serving is 3 capsules. The makers recommend taking with breakfast and a large glass of water

What Do Users Say About Alpha Wolf Force X7

There is a wealth of users testimonials and video reviews out there, professional sportsmen alongside every day regular gym goers like you and me all report good results from taking Alpha Wolf Force X7.

Increased energy levels, better performance levels and noticeable increase in muscle mass and strength are commonplace. 

Reports from older guys too make great reading with improvements all round in muscle tone, energy and sex drive all being enjoyed by older men as their youthful vitality returns.

Here is some sample users feedback:

alpha wolf force x7 testimonials

Does Alpha Wolf Force X7 Cause Any Side Effects?

There are no reports of any adverse side effects resulting from the use of Alpha Wolf Force X7

Where To Buy Alpha Wolf Force X7

force x7 official website

You have a couple of choices, it is available on Amazon, also you can by direct from the manufacturer (recommended). 

Buying from the official website (click here) will not only get you the best prices ( currently $49.95 for a months supply which works out at £39.00 for UK buyers)

It also entities you to a 110% cash back guarantee…

The guarantee works as follows – If you buy and take Alpha Wolf Force X7 as directed for 30 days and find that it doesn’t deliver the results that you were looking for, you can return the empty bottle and get your full money back – on top of that the makers will also pay you an extra 10% on top for your trouble.

It is not clear if the guarantee applies to orders placed from elsewhere (like amazon).

Extra Saving – Buyers coming from, can enjoy an extra 10% discount from their order – simply click the link above (or at the bottom of the page) and enter the unique code TESTO10 into the box at checkout.

Final Thoughts On Alpha Wolf Force X7

We were a bit surprised at the start when we realised that the makers had not included D-aspartic acid in the mix, found in many T-boosting products, this is supposed to be one of the best T-boosting ingredients out there. 

That said, by acting solely on the science and results from his research and the reading of many clinical trials, Robert and his team have bucked the trend and instead of going with the masses, have stuck to their guns and have developed a product that genuinely works based on solid scientific evidence rather than hearsay and popular opinion.

Alpha Wolf Force X7 is without any doubt, a first class product and one that we are pleased to recommend to all our readers.

You Can Find Out More At The Official Website – Click Here

2 thoughts on “Does Alpha Wolf Force X7 Really Work?”

  1. Discovered Force X7 on this website, I bought 2 bottles and have been taking for 6 weeks now, I can report some noticeable gains in muscle tone and my strength. I wasn’t expecting too much else, but my sex drive has also rocketed and now I feel like a teenager again !!

    I don’t always believe what I read, but this product is a real winner – I Have just ordered another 4 bottles..


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