Do The Unthinkable Review 

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2018)

Do The Unthinkable Review 

The Unthinkable By Muscle Food

The UK’s Most Complete Nutrition And Fitness Program

Want To make Long Term Changes To Your Health, Fitness And Your Body? 

If So, We Dare You To Do The Unthinkable By Musclefood.

There are hundreds of workout programs out there and even more diets, that all promise to boost your fitness, make you leaner, and healthier than you have ever been before.

What none of these programs have ever done before is provide you with everything that you will ever need, to consistently lose weight and teach you how to work out correctly so you can transform your body, and KEEP it that way.

This Is What Makes The Unthinkable So Different

Created by food specialists Musclefood, a UK based company that was originally developed to help both professional athletes, keen sportspeople and the health conscious to eat better, healthier foods. 

Their impressive range includes specially developed high protein ready meals, lean meats, fish, breads, snacks, grains, even high protein pizza’s that fit the needs of everybody’s healthy lifestyle, Their range contains something for everybody, even those on a vegan, vegetarian or other diet.

Everything is delivered to your door in special chiller boxes, it is always fresh, never frozen and of the highest quality.

To work alongside their range of healthy foods, Musclefood have developed a special, interactive exercise program that you can follow wherever you are 24 hours away, 365 day a year.

How Does The Unthinkable Work

The Unthinkable is a combined nutrition and exercise program. Musclefood will handle your complete weekly diet – 3 meals per day and even snacks, these are shipped to you each week. You can choose from their extensive range of high protein low fat ready meals and simply heat and enjoy with ZERO Preparation.  If you prefer to do the preparation and cooking yourself, Musclefood will send you all the ingredients required.

You have complete control over what you eat, there are lots of choices that will suit everybody, whats more there are no long commitments, simply stop or pause when you wish.

“Fancy A Curry Or A Pizza? You Can Have One With The Unthinkable”

To work alongside the healthy diet Musclefood have put together a workout plan that will take you through the stages of transforming your body. Working alongside their resident personal trainer Steve, you can follow these workouts either by streaming online to your preferred device, or by watching the DVD.

You only need to commit to just under 3 hours per week, and you do not have to join any expensive gyms, all you need is space to move.

Eating Nutritional Whole Foods Alongside ‘ The Unthinkable ‘ Unique and Tailored Exercise Plan Will Ensure That You Make The Progress Needs To Transform Your Body

Click Here To Go To The Official Unthinkable Website

To Sum Up, The Unthinkable Will Provide You With:

  • Revolutionary food and fitness program that has been endorsed by Doctors and some of team GB’s top athletes.
  • Complete library of tasty, nutritional meals delivered to your door. Always fresh, never frozen
  • Professional support from the Musclefood team and their resident personal trainer Steve who has over 10 years experience in the industry.
  • A lively Social Media Network.
  • Lots Of Free Advice, Guides and Books.


Approved By World class Athletes

“Do The Unthinkable And Transform Your Body In Just 90 Days”

How Much Does The Unthinkable Cost

The Unthinkable offers something that no other program can, it provides tasty, healthy meals fully tailored to your needs and tastes delivered directly to your door, and an interactive, easy to follow workout plan that will help you reach your goals.

And All At a Great Price!

You can choose to follow the program for just 5 days a week, with weekends off, or for 6 days with just one ‘cheat day’. Or you can take on the full 7 day a week program that will maximise results.

(Personally we like the 6 days a week program, its nice to have a cheat day once a week isn’t it!)

Prices range between £60 and £80 per week depending on the program you choose.

Meals start from £1.90 each – You wont get high quality food like this from your local supermarket!

The price also includes 24/7 access to The Unthinkable body transformation program, meal plans, nutritional calendars, exercise charts, plans, the DVD (all worth over £300) and of course the unwavering and ever present support and guidance from the Musclefood team.

If You Have Ever Gone To The Gym and Hired A Personal Trainer, You Will Know That They Cost Around £25 Per Hour – This is all included in Musclefood’s The Unthinkable.

How Do I Sign Up

If you are ready to make long term, fully sustainable changes to your body, fitness and lifestyle. All you need to do is to go to the Musclefood ‘The Unthinkable’ website. Answer just a few health and lifestyle questions, choose your first weeks meals, and within a few days you will be on your way to getting the body that you may have often dreamed of, but never thought possible.

Are You Ready To Do The Unthinkable?

Click Here To Start Your Body Transformation And Sign Up For The Unthinkable

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