Tauro Test Reviewed

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

Tauro Test Review

Anabolic Designs, the sports supplement manufacturer, has released their natural testosterone booster Tauro Test into the market.

tauro-testIt is marketed under a slogan “Total Male Rebuild” its makers claim it will make your body produce more free testosterone, that it controls oestrogen production and maximizes muscle growth.

The formula of Tauro Test contains several compounds that are proven to stimulate testosterone. There are also some ingredients to stop oestrogen production and keep the balance perfect.

According to the manufactures, the product works best if taken while being on a high protein diet.

Tauro Test Ingredients

There are several matrix systems put together to get the proprietary mix for the product.

amounts per serving:

Secretrophin GH-Inducing Blend – 300 mg

Testobullism Teso Amplification Matrix – 600 mg

Estocut Estrogen Matrix – 600 mg

Camp Agonists -670 mcgs

TauroDrive Delivery System Matix – 45 mg

The makers prefer to not fully disclose the ingredient makeup or the amounts of each ingredient thereof

TauroTest-AnabolicDesignsTabHow To Take

It’s recommended to take two capsules three times per day. On days when you work out take 2 capsules about 60 minutes before your workout.

User Reviews

The majority of the feedback is positive, many users have experienced increased libido and strength. Unfortunately, many users also have reported a number of side effects after using Tauro Test. Many do not like the fact that all the ingredients are described as proprietary blends, as there is no real way of knowing exactly what you are taking..

Are There Side Effects

Mood swings, extreme aggression, acne outbreaks have all been associated with Tauro Test.

Any Cash Back Guarantees

The manufacturer doesn’t offer any guarantees whatsoever.

Where To Buy Tauro Test

The product is available online from many sources. Amazon is one example and currently sells it for £30.99 for a months supply

Our Thoughts

Tauro Test is without a doubt quite good – there are many positive sides to it. It will suit many users, but for us it just doesn’t deliver enough to warrant inclusion in our top three, there are two reasons for this – the makers fail to fully disclose the actual formula, leaving us all in the dark about what we are taking and there are no guarantees offered.

Before You Buy Tauro Test – Do take a look at our top 3 testosterone boosters list. All these products come with proven results, fully disclosed ingredient lists and in the case of our top 2 products, a lengthy cash back guarantee

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