Safe Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels

Natural Testosterone Production

Athletes as well as bodybuilders are always worried to see their testosterone levels drop. This always comes with a bunch of undesirable effects like loss of muscle bulk and strength, weight gain and decreased sex drive – basically nothing to look forward to.low-testsoterone-belly

You may keep your workouts the same but as your testosterone levels are lower, the results you get won’t be as good and you will have much less energy. The recovery period between two workouts gets longer and longer.

While it may seem like a good idea to start using steroids – it is not! Steroids are dangerous not to mention illegal. Here are 5 way better recommendations on how to help your body produce more natural testosterone so that you can enjoy some nice results again.

Avoid Becoming Overweight

When men weight more than they should, their bodies tend to start producing more oestrogen which as we know counteracts testosterone. As the levels of oestrogen start to rise, testosterone levels start to go down, and it works the other way around as well.

Men who are of normal weight generally have higher testosterone levels than overweight men.

When it comes to the production of natural testosterone, keeping a healthy weight is important. Make sure you diet consists of healthy, well balanced meals and that you include just enough carbs and proteins. As you start losing weight, you will notice that the levels of testosterone are going up once again.

Choose Weight Lifting Over Cardio

Man lifting weightsDon’t concentrate so much on cardio when you are working out, pay much more attention to lifting weights. Cycling as well as running may be good for you, but weight lifting is better if you want to increase your testosterone levels.

Your weights must be quite heavy, if you can only manage 3 sets, each with 5 repetitions, then it is enough. Take a rest between reps. Soon you will notice your testosterone levels starting to raise again. No other type of workout does it better.

Recovery period is also important, let your muscles heal and rest for 24 hours before hitting the gym again.

Bench presses, dead lifts, squats and power cleans are a few of the best exercises for boosting testosterone.

Eat Good Fats

Like we said above, it is important to make healthy food choices. Make sure to consume plenty of good fats (better known as monosaturated fats) which are known to boost your body’s natural testosterone production. Some great sources for good fats are olive oil, peanut butter and most fish.

Try To Have Regular Sex

Even scientific research shows that regular sex can help to keep testosterone levels high. testosterone-sexMen who don’t have sex or do it infrequently have lower testosterone levels than those who do it regularly.

Natural Testosterone Supplements Can Help

Natural testosterone boosters have been created to help you get all the necessary nutrients for keeping testosterone levels high up. Many of the better products don’t have any noticeable side effects and are usually quite affordable.

We have reviewed many of the more popular testosterone boosting supplements, and from our research have used the information gathered to compile a list of those that we feel make up the top three testosterone boosters available. Using a strict criteria that takes into account, ingredients, users feedback, guarantees (where offered) availability and of course price

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NiacinMax Review

NiacinMax Review

Niacin: the secret to game-changing workouts? 

Also known as nicotinic acid, Niacin is a form of vitamin B3 that helps the body’s cells convert the proteins, fats and carbohydrates found in food into energy. This probably explains why it’s a hit with bodybuilders, athletes and gym nuts with serious fitness goals to it.

But it’s not only about maximum energy – niacin has a range of other positive health box-homebenefits, including controlling cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, supporting the nervous system and improving circulation.

The jewel in niacin’s crown? It increases both blood cell count and blood flow, delivering greater levels of oxygens and hormones to working muscles to increase muscle growth.

Today we’re going to look at a new niacin product on the market. Niacinmax claims to harness the power of a superior, clinically formulated strain of niacin to boost Human Growth Hormone production by a massive 600%, quickly supporting peak physical performance, high energy levels and unprecedented muscle growth.

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The manufacturer certainly walks the walk on its website – let’s see if it talks the talk, too.

NiacinMax Formula

Things couldn’t be clearer here –  each Niacin Max strip contains 75mg of fast-acting niacin.


 How To Take NiacinMax

This supplement is taken by placing a strip on the tongue and allowing it to dissolve, releasing niacin directly into the bloodstream.

Use one strip per day, preferably first thing before eating. If you are training 4-5 times per week, you can take a second dose 3-4 hours before bed.

User Feedback

Niacin Max is brand new to the market, so there aren’t any user testimonials as of yet. But we’re confident we’ll see feedback in time – Niacin is a known ingredient with some seriously good scientific backing, and if the quality of the ingredient here is as high as the manufacturer makes out, you should be expecting big results.

Where To Buy NiacinMax

At present Niacin Max is only available directly from the manufacturer at

As expected, this is a case of the more you buy, the better value the deals are, with a few different bundles available. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 30 strips – $39.99 (£29.99)
  • 60 strips (plus 30 free strips) – $79.98 (£59.98)
  • 90 strips (plus 60 free strips) – $119.97 (£79.97)

There’s another bonus here, too ­– worldwide shipping is completely free.67day-guarantee


More good news. The manufacturer offers a full 67 day complete money back guarantee if you try Niacinmax and aren’t satisfied with the results. Simply return any unused packaging for a full refund…

Looks like there’s nothing to lose!

Our Thoughts

The beneficial effects of Niacin are well documented and widely recognised… What the makers of Niacinmax have done is provided users with an easy to use, simple and extremely fast way to take a potent dose of niacin, helping you to boost energy, burn more fat and build larger muscles…

Quite Simply – Its An Amazing and Innovative Product and One That We Totally Recommend

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